Industrial Materials

A global Tier1 supplier to construction and agricultural machinery manufacturers

Our products, particularly industrial rubber and thermoplastic offerings, satisfy customers by supporting a broad range of products from the development stage. We will continue to supply the same high-quality products overseas as in Japan as our customers globalize their operations.

A product lineup and network designed to meet a diverse range of needs

We not only handle a diverse array of primarily industrial rubber and plastic products but also actively pursue business in the fields of construction and agricultural machinery, as well as power plants and shipbuilding. We have built a total support system which relies on a global network and operates according to the watchwords of “safety, quality, advanced technology and reliability.”

A urea SCR system contributing to a better global environment

SUN-A Corporation applies the world's first independent sensor technology in its manufacturing

Kuriyama Group company SUN-A Corporation develops and manufactures heat-sensitive urea water identification sensors as one of its core products of urea SCR systems. With exhaust emission regulations becoming increasingly stringent worldwide, we provide urea SCR sensors, modules, tanks and other products that are suited to construction machinery, agricultural machinery and automobiles.

Urea Quality Sensor
SCR Tank Module

For further urea sensor details, Please kindly visit manufacturer’s website

Highly Functional Products

We leverage our global supply chain and technology to solve your challenges.

We work with customers from the development stage to create various high-performance products.

Rubber hoses adaptable to various fluids and temperature ranges are proposed, including radiator coolant, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluids, and hot air compressed by turbochargers.

Anti-vibration rubber mounting reduces vibration transmitted from the engine to the operator and protects the engine from large external impacts.Our Rubber Mounting has been used in many cases on hydraulic excavators with particularly harsh operating conditions.

Bushing is inserted into the joints of booms, arms and buckets of construction machinery to enhance their sliding properties. Carbon steel, high strength brass and carbide, and PTFE composite materials provide bushings for a variety of applications.

NORMA Group products are comprised of high quality brands from around the world. Every sort of coupling component is available, from hose clamps to one-touch plastic connectors and metal fittings.

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